SEC regulations and what they mean for cryptocurrency

The reality is that more regulation, not less, is on the horizon. When it comes to new and disruptive technologies several constants apply. First, regulation tends to lag behind technological breakthroughs. Second, governments like regulations. It gives credence to their existence. Third, at least at the beginning of the application of regulations to a new[…]

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How to Choose a Cryptocurrency ICO to Invest in

So you keep hearing about all the hype in Cryptocurrency ICOs but you don’t know which coin to invest in? Well, the first thing to do is look at the project’s white paper, especially if you have some technical know-how and can tell the difference between a great idea with potential and a scam. Nearly[…]

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7 Advantages to Cryptocurrency over Fiat Money

Let’s say I perform one hour of consulting services for your business and you decide to pay me in Bitcoin instead of US Dollars, the transaction is pretty straightforward. You send me Bitcoin from your wallet to my wallet, kind of like sending a PayPal payment, or even an email from your email address to[…]

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Why Blockchain and Decentralization are the Future in Technology

It is as though the cliché “written in stone” was made for blockchain technology because metaphorically that is exactly what happens on the blockchain. Inside every block is a complete history of everything that has ever happened on that chain, as well as the rules that all of the blocks follow. Any cryptocurrency’s blockchain is[…]

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